Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Why do I need to fill out an Architectural Review Form for my home improvements if it’s my property?
A1) When you purchased your home, you agreed to be part of the homeowner's association. In doing so, you are required to get approval for any changes made to your home or property as listed in the governing documents.  Click here to obtain a blank ACC Form.

Q2) How can I become involved in my homeowners association?
A2) Attending meetings is a great start to become more familiar and involved in your community association. Meeting notices are often sent and posted in common areas in the community. Pay attention to your mail and watch for signs posted at the major entrances and intersections within the subdivision. Also, check community bulletin boards and common areas within the community for more opportunities to become involved. Make sure you respond to your association when they reach out to you.

Q3) Why does the Management Company only communicate with the OWNER of record?
A3) Owner accounts reflect the names of owners as recorded within public record/deed.  Due to privacy laws, no non-public personal information is ever disclosed, and we cannot communicate with anyone regarding owner records or accounts other than the BOD, attorney, or management staff. 

You may wish to allow someone other than the deeded owners to receive information. We are happy to cooperate with this request; however, it needs to be authorized in writing prior.

Q4) How can I get a discount on my HOA fee or make payment/installments?
A4) To receive the $100 discount, you must comply with the following: NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE GRANTED!

Q5) If I plan to build a patio or plant a tree/grow a garden do I need to get approval first?
A5) Yes, there is a federally-mandated national “Call Before You Dig” number 811,created to help protect you from unintentionally hitting underground utility lines while working on digging projects. More details online at :