Community News 

2020 HOA Assessments

Kingsbridge Village like most communities have annual assessments that are due at the end of January. Our assessments are used for the maintenance of our community. The assessments cover the cost to maintain the common areas like our landscaping, marquee signs, and park as well as other operational costs of the neighborhood such as utilities, insurance,
management fees, and recreational activities. The annual assessments for 2020 were due on January 1, 2020 but are not considered late until after January 31, 2020. There are payment plans available as well. Penalties are imposed on balances not paid by January 31st. Please contact MASC Austin Properties, Inc. at 713-776-1771 with any questions. You can also
contact them to sign up for email communications from the management company sent on behalf of the HOA.

Kingsbridge Village Important Numbers and list of community schools

Please click here for a list of important numbers. Please click here for a list of schools for the community. 

Please keep dogs on a leash while walking

Pets – Make sure your furry friends have plenty of water and shade while enjoying the backyard during the hot Texas weather. As a reminder, pets are not permitted to roam free and must be confined on a leash held by a responsible person at all times whenever outside your property. Please clean up after your pets! This isn’t just a courtesy; it’s the healthy and environmentally sound thing to do. Thanks for your help with keeping Kingsbridge Village clean and healthy.

Seal Security

S.E.A.L. Security: Dispatch: 713-422-2770

Vacation Watch

Please click here to access the Vacation Watch Program.

A message from Fort Bend County Sherrif's office

Please call the non-emergency number 281-341-4665 if you would like to report an incident or have a concern about something going on in your area. We want to make sure that we can get you the help you need as quickly as possible. Posting and sending messages via Nextdoor may not solicit a quick response. We also cannot take reports via Nextdoor. So PLEASE remember if you are needing to speak to someone about an issue that you are having, give us a call. We are open all day every day and will be more than happy to assist you! Remember if it is an emergency PLEASE call 911! Fort Bend Sheriff's Office Emergency: 911. Non-Emergency: 281-341-4665.